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Modern Living Space with 10makers Furniture...

Modern Living Space with 10makers Furniture Posted by on Mar 13, 2017

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The Top Twenty Furniture

The Top Twenty Furniture Posted by on Jun 12, 2016

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What kind of furniture do you like the most? Wood Furniture...

What kind of furniture do you like the most? Wood Furniture Posted by on Apr 24, 2016

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Modern Living Space with 10makers Furniture

Mar 13, 17 Modern Living Space with 10makers Furniture

A Holiday-House Feel of the Property

A Federation home is loved for its ramshackle and child-friendly appeal.

Often it’s a small, charming feature in a house for sale that proves the selling point for prospective buyers. For Tim Leveson and Libby Knott it was the stable doors, which lead from the laundry to the garden in this Federation home in Sydney’s Inner West, that helped sealed the deal last year. “These doors were one of the things we fell in love with – you just don’t see them very often in city homes or metropolitans,” Tim says.

Holiday house like

Holiday house like where wood is used through the house

The couple – and their young family, toddler Sunday and baby Harper on the way – were also attracted to the holiday-house feel of the property. Tim attributes this atmosphere to the use of wood throughout the home. “It was built in 1917 by a local boat builder using local timbers,” he explains. “It’s a bit like an old fishing shack – in fact, it feels like it should have a jetty out the front, not a footpath!”

Fresh the three bedroom house up

The three-bedroom house had a definite charm, but still required a lot of work before the family could move in. “It was in a pretty bad state,” Tim says. “There were no gutters, so a new roof and gutters were imperative.” It was also necessary to freshen it up with a comprehensive paint job. The interior was painted in Dulux half-strength Baker’s White, and the exterior in Woodland Grey, with trims in Surfmist.

Fresh the home with painting

Fresh the home with painting


Built-ins were installed in two bedrooms, and the raw pine floorboards throughout the house were scrubbed with steel wool and methylated spirits. “We haven’t varnished or painted them so they have the most gorgeous aged look and feel,” Tim explains. “They’re soft underfoot and require little attention [see page 99].”

Kitchen and Bathroom

The kitchen, bathroom and laundry were tweaked around the edges, with plans to renovate these down the track. “For the moment we really do enjoy the house’s ramshackle and child-friendly appeal,” Tim says. “We’re not too precious about it – we constantly have neighbourhood kids running around so it’s perfect as it is.”

kitchen and bathroom are fully renovated

kitchen and bathroom are fully renovated

Tim, an interior designer and furniture maker designed by 10makers, and Libby, an art consultant, dealer and curator, have brought their professional touch and artistic aesthetic to the decorating – the interior is a glorious mix of warm colours, textures, and modern and bespoke pieces. “We like clean lines in the furnishings, yet we also surround ourselves with interesting, warm and comfortable items like recliner chair,” Tim says. The couple love vintage pieces, but are choosy. “The vintage look can be overdone so we try not to go overboard, and try to mix things up with newer items,” Tim explains. Many of their pieces are family heirlooms, as well as market, holiday mementoes and second-hand finds. “We really pride ourselves on making interiors work without spending too much money – importance is placed on found and reused items,” Tim reveals.

Comfortable furniture item like sofas and recliners from 10makers are preferred

Comfortable furniture item like sofas and recliners from 10makers are preferred

But the couple have splurged on artworks, which feature throughout the home. Each piece tells a story, with two paintings marking the birth of their children, and others, gifts from artists. “For us, artwork is very important in any home,” Tim says. In this welcoming, creative family space, home is definitely where the heart – and the art – is.

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Aug 11, 16
Home building instruction infographic

Home building instruction infographic [source:]

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The Top Twenty Furniture

Jun 12, 16 The Top Twenty Furniture

Selected Top Chair and Recliner Design rated by 10makers and Cuddly Home Advisors

B&B Italia: Jeffrey Bernett’s Tulip swivel chair was part of the company’s impressive array of introductions at the Milan furniture fair. circle 303

Visopia: Aaron Rincover’s blue silicone gel light balls weigh a mere two pounds and are offered in battery-operated and cord versions. circle 316

colorful chair design

colorful chair design from bizchair

Archive: The West Coast company’s metallic pearl sheer created an air of mystery in the streets of cow-strewn Manhattan. circle 310

Original concept design of recliner chair selected through recliner reviews

Original concept design of recliner chair selected through recliner reviews

Christopher Farr: The company licensed Gunta Stolzl’s designs and reproduced a collection of dynamic and colorful rugs. circle 312

Zanotta: The material Techno-Gel, originally designed for the sneaker industry and available in clear, orange, or blue, created a buzz at the Milan furniture fair. Designer Werner Aisslinger used it in his Soft chaise. Available in the United States through M2L. circle 300

Sneaker industry materials

Sneaker industry materials

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Summer’s Exhibition of Donald Judd Furniture

Jun 09, 16 Summer’s Exhibition of Donald Judd Furniture

Donald Judd Furniture

Organized with the Judd Foundation, the exhibition presented aluminum pieces by the minimalist sculptor, who began making furniture in the early 1970s. Meanwhile, the foundation itself installed similar tableaux at the nearby Mercer hotel. In both venues, pieces were shown for the first time as they might actually be used. Onetime objects on pedestals became, well, furniture.

summer's exhibition of Donald Judd furniture

summer’s exhibition of Donald Judd furniture

“It took me eight years to feel bold enough to do this,” says Madeleine Hoffmann, who was hired by the estate in 1994 and now heads its furniture division. “Before, people tended to think of Judd’s furniture as sculpture.”

In a 1992 exhibition at A/D, a Judd bed was displayed without so much as a mattress. “People thought it was beautiful but said it couldn’t possibly be a bed. It looked too uncomfortable,” recalls Cunnick. This time, she added pillows and a blanket.

 furniture as sculpture

furniture as sculpture

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Art and Furniture Business

Jun 02, 16 Art and Furniture Business

How did you make the huge leap from business to the art world?

I picked up some really good business skills at a management-consulting firm. It was when I volunteered to help the PBS station in Boston organize a benefit auction that I realized I had an eye for art–and that I could apply my skills to the art business. I moved to New York and took a job in fine-art publishing and consulting. After five years, I started consulting on my own.

The next leap was from art consultant to interior designer.

I’ve always been interested in interiors and architecture. It got frustrating when I would frame beautiful works of art and then deliver them to a space that didn’t deserve them. It was infuriating. Being the control freak that I am, I wanted more say about where my artists’ work “lived.”

Art work and interior design

Art work and interior design

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Important Section for Offices

May 28, 16 Important Section for Offices

Clear sections in offices

“When we began working on the building,” says architect John Keenen, “it was a total wreck. There were many small, dark rooms, and a rickety stair that zigzagged from bottom to top.” After demolition, virtually nothing remained. The street facade, part of a New York City Landmarks district, could not be modified, but the interior was gutted and the rear wall completely rebuilt. K/R installed, among other elements, new concrete floors with radiant heating, an extraordinary staircase capped with a new glass skylight, and entirely new, state-of-the-art mechanical and electrical systems.

With only 3,500 sq. ft. of space on four levels, the architects were challenged to deal with a rather tight container. Nonetheless, they developed an inventive strategy to reconfigure the building’s section. Two new, 18-in.-wide slots of space join the four levels, one that runs along the stairwell and the other along the rear facade of the building. Various stair rails, balustrades, and finely-detailed furniture elements such as reclining chairs, desk and glass screen make these spaces tumble-proof.

Clear section in the house where a table and recliners are designed of an office space under staircases

Clear section in the house where a table and best recliners are designed of an office space under staircases

K/R designed the new garden facade as a curtain wall made of stucco, metal, and glass. From the outside, it reveals the spatial arrangement of the interior by expressing the floor slabs and vertical slots along with the variation in program along the different levels. From the inside, the wall has been designed to carefully mediate the flow of air, light, and views. Keenen improved an otherwise undistinguished backlot view by deftly combining clear, sandblasted and prismatic glass panels. Clear sections were used at eye level and behind the frosted acrylic balustrade to create oblique garden views and guard privacy; sandblasted glass panels bring in additional light; and the prismatic sections, composed of two pieces of clear glass laminated with an intermediate prism, refract light into the interior.

Vertical relationship office design

A new mahogany staircase, the physical link among levels, was located at the building’s eastern edge. Between the garden and street levels, the stair wraps around a new, cast-in-place concrete wall that anchors the steel structure above. On the entry level, the stair is separated from work areas by a screen fabricated of blued structural steel and mahogany slats. A nickel silver rail winds around the screen and becomes, on the second floor, a guard along the top of a credenza that keeps objects from falling through. At the upper level the screen is filled in with fiberglass panels to maximize the privacy of the director’s office.

Horizontal floor office interior

In counterpoint to the continuous vertical relationships, horizontal floors were given somewhat individual identities. At the garden level, K/R specified bamboo flooring and provided an open kitchen that can be used as an informal meeting and conference area. New doors to the garden were designed with an integral security screen that also plays a decorative role. The garden itself was designed with a floor of concrete pavers and, at the back, a low retaining wall that borders an area of ivy and small willow trees. One floor up, at the entry level, the flooring switches to poured, off-white resin; the program here encompasses a reception area, vestibule, and administrative offices.

Horizontal office interiors in floors with sleeper sofa, desk chairs, and tables

Horizontal office interiors in floors with sleeper sofa, desk chairs, and tables

The main work area is on the second floor, an open office space with a big, egg-shaped table and most comfortable sleeper sofa or best sofa bed designed by K/R. Two slots interrupt the table, reiterating the overall spatial idea at a smaller scale while accommodating some very practical concerns. One slot accepts the structural column that runs through the building while the other accepts electrical cords and computer wires. The table was built in four sections so that it can slide apart to allow multiple configurations of the work area with sofa beds. On the uppermost level is the director’s suite, which can be completely enclosed with translucent sliding doors.

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Natural Furniture Design and Interior

May 01, 16 Natural Furniture Design and Interior

Natural House Interior

The treatment room was conceived as a fluid extension of the Zen rock garden currently under construction in the rear courtyard. Nature trickles in through a moat of river rocks lining the back wall. To disguise the room’s exposed pipes, the architects sheathed them in stalks of bamboo, a decorative motif repeated throughout the spa.

Natural Furniture Design and House Interior

Natural Furniture Design and House Interior

The 600-sq.-ft. space took two and a half months to complete.

A Case Study of B&B in Furniture Interior

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What kind of furniture do you like the most? Wood Furniture

Apr 24, 16 What kind of furniture do you like the most? Wood Furniture

After gutting the derelict interior, “we took the space as far back as we could to create a clean line.” Completed in two months, the project afforded the multidisciplinary design team an opportunity to flex their full range of creative talents, building “every square inch of the place” from the window latches to the sound system. Despite their painstaking labor over minute details, the effect is unpretentious and very much in keeping with the low-key character of the neighborhood.

A large number of consumers love wood furniture more than other types of furniture

A large number of consumers love wood furniture more than other types of furniture


A subtle interplay of surface textures offsets the smooth wood planes of the furniture line, which features beds, tables, mirrors, and cabinets.

Polished concrete floors, pigmented a velvety-grey, mimic the appearance of slate. Prior to painting the walls, the designers skimmed the exposed brick with layers of plaster to smooth out surface modulations. A freestanding block of rough-hewn concrete, which serves as a step to the raised floor in back, bears the serendipitous quality of a found object. The oxidized metal window casings and exterior shutters were also designed to look indigenous to the space.

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